E2-MotoTRX Folding Bike

3120 Watt Dual Motor Bike that Powers Through Anything!


Powers Up Stairs!

Our Patented Front Wheel Drive Can Cycle Up a Set Of Stairs!
Can Your Bike Do That?


Jump Rough Terrain

Our Electric Bikes can hold their own to Gas Powered Dirt Jumpers.


The Perfect Hunting Bike

Quietly Stalk Your Prey While Easily Riding Through Rough Terrain!


UltraTRX™ Electric Vehicles, LLC

Leading Innovators of Fat Tire Electric Bikes and Electric Vehicles Since 2013

Introducing the All-New E2- 4×4 Electric ATV

72V 3000w Extra Rugged Fat Tire ATV climbs 45 – 50 degrees
with a Max load of 529 lbs.

Download E2 4×4 Electric ATV Specifications

All New Features on King E-Cheetahs

Volcano DNM Motorcycle Shock

Dual Front Hydraulic Disc Braking System

Wider Turning Radius

GPS and Alarm System

Remote On and Off Switch and Motion Detector

3 GenerTRX Systems on each Caliper
Pushing Power into Battery


UltraTRX Innovations Making Global Headlines

“GenerTRX Coil / Disc Rotor Power Generation System to Charge
Your Battery While You Cycle Could Revolutionize the E-Bike Industry”
Learn More

Named the Most Innovative E-Bike Manufacturer in the Industry


More Power, More Torque, More Speed, More Distance ... For Less Than Our Competitors!

Knight Rider Single Motor E-Bikes

1560w (peak), 100NM, Single Motor
35-38mph, 60 miles per charge.

BlackHawk Single Motor E-Bikes

1560w (peak) 100 NM, Single Motor
30-35mph, 60-70 miles per charge.

MotoTRX Dual Motor E-Bikes

3120w (peak), 180NM, 2054 WH Dual Motor
35-40mph, 65-75 miles per charge.
Dual Battery system gives you the confidence to go longer distances in deep woods or backcountry.

BlackHawk Dual Motor E-Bikes

3120w (peak), 180NM, 2054 WH Dual Motor
35-40mph, 65-75 miles per charge.
Dual Battery system gives you the confidence to go longer distances in deep woods or backcountry.

E Ride Pro S Electric Dirt Bikes

6KW (peak) 30AH Off-Road Dirt Bikes
0-30mph in 2.56S Top speed 50 mph, 41 – 60 miles per charge.

E Ride Pro SS Electric Dirt Bikes

12KW (peak) 30AH Off-Road Dirt Bikes
0-30mph in 2.36S, Top Speed 60 mph, 50 – 90 miles per charge.

UltraTRX High Performance E-MTB and E-Cycles

Choose from 5,000w or King 15,000w, 72V
53-80 mph, 60-100 miles per charge.
Fastest E-Bikes on the Market Today!

6000w (peak) 320NM, 3240WH E-Cycle
50-56MPH, 80 miles per charge.
All the thrill of a Motorcycle with out the noise!

The UltraTRX Electric Bike Advantages

Bafang Brushless Bicycle Motors

Bafang Brushless Motors

Top-of-the-line Brushless Motors known for their endurance and reliability.

UltraTrek Electric Bikes High Quality Sony or Panasonic Lithium Ion Batteries

Sony® or Panasonic®

To ensure safety we insist on trusted manufacturers of top quality lithium ion batteries.

UltraTrek Electric Bikes Plug and Play Electric Components

Plug and Play Components

Our e-Components are “Plug and Play” so it’s easy to replace them yourself.

UltraTrek Electric Bikes USB Charging Ports

USB Charging Ports

Standard USB Charging Ports to make charging batteries super easy.

UltraTrek Electric Bikes Full-Suspension System

Full Suspension in Front and Rear

A top-of-the-line front fork shock and rear suspension system provide a comfortable ride even on the roughest terrain.

UltraTrek Electric Stainless Steel Locking Plate Technology

Heavy Duty Locking Plates on Both Axles

Our patent-pending stainless steel locking plates on both front and rear so you never have to worry about the motor coming off their axles.

UltraTrek Electric Bikes 8 Speed Derailleurs

Sram or Shimano 8-Speed Derailleurs

High end 8 Speed Derailleurs to use as a traditional bike or add a little pedal power.

UltraTRX Marine Grade Hardware

Marine Grade Stainless Steel Hardware

We pull every nut, bolt and screw and replace it with marine grade 18-8 stainless steel hardware that will never rust.

UltraTRX GenerTRX Power Generation System

GenerTRX Power Generation System

Charges your battery while you cycle. Get 35 – 50% more Distance with GENERTRX Coil / Disc Rotor Power Generation System.

ThermoTRX Battery Protection System

ThermoTRX Battery Protection

Our patent-pending design has internal heat strips to keep battery at optimal temperature when cycling in frigid temperatures.

GyroHitch Cart Adaptor

Gyro Hitch Cart Adaptor Attachment

Rotates up and down, side to side, in any direction to allow you to pull a cart over rough terrain without impacting movement of the bike.

UltraTRX Marine Grade Hardware

Four Wheel Fat Tire Collapsible Cart

A collapsible, folding cart with extra wide six inch wheels for easily hauling gear or game over all terrains including rugged backcountry.

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ACTS Ministry Inc - Save the 22

Acts Ministry Inc.

501 (c) (3) since 06/2019
a non-profit since 2014*


2 – Electric Bikes of our New Models Will Be Donated to:


$50 of Each Model Sold will also be Donated.

A Christian Counseling Non-profit Organization helping American Heroes, Veterans, and First Responders with PTSD.

22 PTSD Military Suicides Every Day
Over the last 20 years, we have lost 5,200+ in combat.
In that same time period, we have lost over 128,000 to PTSD suicide.

Learn More at www.HeroGolfTour.com

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