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E-Buffalo Folding Bike

2500 Watt Dual Motor Bike that Powers Through Anything!


The Perfect Hunting Bike

Quietly Stalk Your Prey While Easily Riding Through Rough Terrain!


Powers Up Stairs!

Our Patented Front Wheel Drive Can Cycle Up a Set Of Stairs!
Can Your Bike Do That?


Jump Rough Terrain

Our Electric Bikes can hold their own to Gas Powered Dirt Jumpers.


A Crowd Favorite

Our Selection of Electric Bikes Has Something For Everyone!


World Record Setting Designs

We are the only US Bike Manufacturer whose patented design was instrumental in winning two world cycling records.


1250w x 48 Volt Demo Electric Bike Sale - $999

Totally refurbished .. Same 1 year warranty as new! Phone Orders Only

“I have a 1250 Watt E-Cherokee I received from you in August 2017 that I bought primarily for deer hunting in Southern California. I want to tell you how much I love this bike! I’m getting up there in years so having a way to easily move my gear is a huge advantage. Nearly every year I turn my ankle or get a leg full of cactus thorns, but this year I was able to cruise through the rough terrain with no problems. I hunt deer with a crossbow and put ATV handlebar clamp mounts to carry my bow. I was able to harvest a deer in October and used the bike to help me get it up the hill.

So, I just wanted to pass along how thrilled I am with your product and design. I appreciate the new mobility and consider this bike one of my favorite things.”

D.D, California

Dual Motor Fat Tire
Electric Bikes
Front & Rear Motors Total 2500 watts!

Retails for $3995.
Special Pricing of $2995!

Save $1000

Choose Full-size or Folding Electric Bikes

Hurry Offer Expires on February 29, 2020 when Price Increases.

 One Year Warranty on E-Components
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The Ultimate Hunting Bike!

 Rides like a Regular Bike or Power It Up to
Get Through Any Terrain.
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2500w Dual Motor Electric Bikes &
7200+ watt Full Suspension Super Bikes

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