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UltraTRX Electric Bikes Efforts to Source Masks & PPE

UltraTRX Electric Bikes is helping to address the Covid-19 Virus in the US proactively.

With our company being one of the first manufacturers of Fat Tire Electric Bikes in the United States in 2013 we have established long and trusted relationships with many vendors of electric bike components throughout the world.

In January, we watched vigilantly as our vendors in Asia first underwent the spread of the virus throughout their region. Now, as the virus peaks here in the US, medical professionals in Hospitals and Medical Centers struggle to keep up with the demand of necessary PPE (Personal Protection Equipment).

As you know, we are at a crucial point in the fight against COVID-19. Medical professionals are working around the clock to care for the countless individuals who have fallen ill—but these are at serious risk of contracting the coronavirus themselves without proper PPE.

One of our Asian Vendors has stepped up to offer a source to provide these hospitals and medical centers the high quality N95 masks and surgical masks so very much needed.

Going through the proper governmental channels, we contacted the authorities and are making a direct connection to our sources to provide these masks to hospitals in hot spot area at cost.