E2-Buffalo Folding Bike

2500 Watt Dual Motor Bike that Powers Through Anything!


Powers Up Stairs!

Our Patented Front Wheel Drive Can Cycle Up a Set Of Stairs!
Can Your Bike Do That?


Jump Rough Terrain

Our Electric Bikes can hold their own to Gas Powered Dirt Jumpers.


The Perfect Hunting Bike

Quietly Stalk Your Prey While Easily Riding Through Rough Terrain!


UltraTRX™ Electric Bikes, LLC

Leading Innovators of Fat Tire Electric Bikes Since 2013
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 The Ultimate Off-Road / Off-Grid Solar Charging E2-Terminator Electric Bike

(With 2 Final Patents and 6 Patent-Pending Technologies)

The Ultimate Off-Grid Electric Bike

E2-Terminator Electric Bike with Solar Rack

As one of the most innovative Electric Bike companies in the US, we are in the process of manufacturing the Ultimate Electric Bike with patent-pending Solar Charging Panels on Front and Rear Racks to allow you to charge your battery continuously while you cycle.

Take a peek at the specs of our newest E2-Terminator that solves almost all the flaws of other fat tire electric bikes and includes our patent-pending Folding Electric Bike  Solar Panel to charge your battery and electronic devices off-grid.

Download Spec Sheet Here

Solar Electric Bike Battery Charger

Electric Bike Folding Solar Panel Charger in Case

Folding Solar Panel E-Bike Charger

A Fold-out Solar Panel in 14" x 16" Carrying Case conveniently fits in your rear saddlebag. Folds out to 44" x 33" and includes 2 USB Ports for Charging Plug and Play Electronics.

Only $489 + $25 Shipping

Be one of the first on the list to reserve a limited amount of Early Bird Specials when we launch our IndieGoGo program scheduled for Winter 2022 and receive the E2-Terminator shipped within 5 days of the end of our crowdfunding program.

Call us to get on the reservation list: 843-940-0251

The UltraTRX Electric Bike Advantages

UltraTrek Electric Bikes Bafang Brushless Bicycle Motors

Bafang Brushless Motors

Top-of-the-line Brushless Motors known for their endurance and reliability.

UltraTrek Electric Bikes High Quality Sony or Panasonic Lithium Ion Batteries

Sony® or Panasonic®

To ensure safety we insist on trusted manufacturers of top quality lithium ion batteries.

UltraTrek Electric Bikes Plug and Play Electric Components

Plug and Play Components

Our e-Components are “Plug and Play” so it’s easy to replace them yourself.

UltraTrek Electric Bikes USB Charging Ports

USB Charging Ports

Standard USB Charging Ports to make charging batteries super easy.

UltraTrek Electric Bikes Full-Suspension System

Full Suspension in Front and Rear

A top-of-the-line front fork shock and rear suspension system provide a comfortable ride even on the roughest terrain.

UltraTrek Electric Stainless Steel Locking Plate Technology

Heavy Duty Locking Plates on Both Axles

Our patent-pending stainless steel locking plates on both front and rear so you never have to worry about the motor coming off their axles.

UltraTrek Electric Bikes 8 Speed Derailleurs

Shram or Shimano Derailleurs

High end 8 Speed Derailleurs to use as a traditional bike or add a little pedal power.

UltraTrek Folding Solar Charging Panels

Folding Solar Panel Charger

A foldable solar panel charger fits conveniently in the back saddlebag and has 2 USB ports to charge electronic devices while cycling off-grid.

Full Suspension Super Bikes – The Ultimate Off-Road Electric Bikes

5000w E-Cheetah and 7000w Super E-Cheetah .. Imagine the places you can go!

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1250 Watt Electric Bikes – Front Wheel Drive Provides a Safe Ride on Any Terrain.

Versatile Electric Bikes For Hunting, Cruising the Beach, Commuting and more!

ACTS Ministry Inc - Save the 22

Acts Ministry Inc.

501 (c) (3) since 06/2019
a non-profit since 2014*


2 – Electric Bikes of our New 2022 Models Will Be Donated to:


$50 of Each 2022 Model Sold will also be Donated.

A Christian Counseling Non-profit Organization helping American Heroes, Veterans, and First Responders with PTSD.

22 PTSD Military Suicides Every Day
Over the last 20 years, we have lost 5,200+ in combat.
In that same time period, we have lost over 128,000 to PTSD suicide.

Learn More at www.HeroGolfTour.com

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