Buyer Beware Facts You Should Know Before Buying an Electric BikeBuyer Beware!
Learn the Facts Before Purchasing a Competitor’s E-Bike

As one of the first manufacturers of Fat Tire Electric Bikes, and one of the most innovative E-Bike companies, we pride ourselves on using industry-approved scientific equations to prove our specifications. We also field-test our E-Bikes to ensure they meet our claims. (See Common E-Bike Equations)

Our competitors constantly make false claims about speed, watt-hours, and distance per charge that simply cannot be true based on their components and the math. When large companies like QuietKat and Rambo make false claims, you must be leery of what performance you can expect from their products. This misinformation is unfair to e-bike customers and hurts the entire industry.

UltraTRX’s patent-pending electric bike designs use the latest technology and components. While our competitors try to imitate our designs and breach our patents, we have reviewed their bikes, and they don’t perform as well as our electric bikes.

We were the first to manufacture our dual motor bikes in the Spring of 2018 and introduced them at the Interbike Tradeshow in Reno in September of the same year. We also introduced our E-Cheetah at the show and worked with our design team to modify the bike. As a result, we now have 2 of the fastest Electric Bikes on the market, our 5000w and our 15000w King E-Cheetah, that can reach speeds of 87 mph and travel 70-80 miles in distance. (See King E-Cheetah Review)

Our new E2-Terminator hunting bike is a culmination of everything we learned from our ten years of Electric Bike design and experience, along with our customer feedback, and is the Mac Daddy of Electric Bikes. (See E2-Terminator Review)

Here is a competitor who claimed they were the first to build a dual motor hunting electric bike. Archives of their website show the Rambo Krusader, their first dual motor bike, was first introduced on their website in 2020 when we were manufacturing dual motors in 2018.Unfortunately, they did a poor job of replicating our dual motors as one of our customers rides with buddies who have two of our competitors’ bikes. He comments that our E2-Grizzly climbs steep hills like a champ, but Rambo and Quietkat riders must walk their bikes up. (See his Google Review)

Another bad business practice of many e-bike manufacturers has been to change their models’ components every year. To make matters worse, they are not keeping the past models’ component inventory in stock, so when parts need replacing, the customer can’t get them anymore. Instead, new components have to be retrofitted to work, if at all possible.

If replacement parts can’t be retrofitted, the bike won’t run, so a $7000 electric bike becomes a useless paperweight in their garage. UltraTRX always has a supply of replacement parts in stock and ready to ship. Furthermore, we have helped some of our competitors’ customers retrofit our components to their bikes.

We feel it is essential to educate consumers on facts about electric bikes so they can make an informed decision about which e-bike is best for their individual needs. Compare our E-Bikes to our competitors, and we think you will agree that UltraTRX Electric Bikes give you MORE Power, Torque, Speed, and Distance for LE$$! (See Side by Side Comparisons)


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