The Ultimate Off-Road / Off-Grid Solar Charging E2-Terminator Electric Bike

(With 2 Final Patents and 6 Patent-Pending Technologies)

The Ultimate Off-Grid Electric Bike

E2-Terminator Electric Bike with Solar Rack

As one of the most innovative Electric Bike companies in the US, we are in the process of manufacturing the Ultimate Electric Bike with patent-pending Solar Charging Panels on Front and Rear Racks to allow you to charge your battery continuously while you cycle.

Take a peek at the specs of our newest E2-Terminator that solves almost all the flaws of other fat tire electric bikes and includes our patent-pending Folding Electric Bike  Solar Panel to charge your battery and electronic devices off-grid.

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Solar Electric Bike Battery Charger

Electric Bike Folding Solar Panel Charger in Case

Folding Solar Panel E-Bike Charger

A Fold-out Solar Panel in 14" x 16" Carrying Case conveniently fits in your rear saddlebag. Folds out to 44" x 33" and includes 2 USB Ports for Charging Plug and Play Electronics.

Only $489 + $25 Shipping

Be one of the first on the list to reserve a limited amount of Early Bird Specials when we launch our IndieGoGo program scheduled for Early 2022 and receive the E2-Terminator shipped within 5 days of the end of our crowdfunding program.

Call us to get on the reservation list: 843-940-0251

The E2-Terminator Bike Patent-Pending Technology:

Solar Charging Panels On Front and Rear Racks

Solar Panel Chargers on Front and Rear

Automatically charge your battery while cycling in the sun with our patent-pending solar panel chargers on both the front and rear racks.

UltraTrek Folding Solar Charging Panels

Folding Solar Panel Charger

A foldable solar panel charger fits conveniently in the back saddlebag and has 2 USB ports to charge electronic devices while cycling off-grid.

UltraTrek Electric Bikes Full-Suspension System

Full Suspension in Front and Rear

A top-of-the-line front fork shock and rear suspension system provide a comfortable ride even on the roughest terrain.

UltraTrek Electric Stainless Steel Locking Plate Technology

Heavy Duty Locking Plates on Both Axles

Our patent-pending stainless steel locking plates on both front and rear so you never have to worry about the motor coming off their axles.

UltraTrek Electric Bikes Run Flat Tires

Tires with Run Flat Technology

Coming Soon! Tires with patent-pending run-flat technology allow you to keep on cycling even if your tires get punctured by sharp objects.

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