E2-Terminator 3000w with Solar Charging Power for Off-Grid Charging 29 – 33 MPH; 40 – 45 Miles Per Charge


The Ultimate Electric Bike for the Off-Grid Sportsman. Solar Charging Front and Rear Racks to charge your battery, cell phone and other electronic components while you hunt or fish. Hydro-dipped Finish in Camouflage to repel dirt and mud.

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  • Frame: Full suspension 6061 Alloy Frame, Hydro-dipped Finish in Camouflage to Repel Dirt
  • Front Fork: GTMRK non-through Axle Suspension Fork, Alloy with Patented Lock Plate for Hub Motor
  • Brakes: Ares Double Piston Hydraulic Disc Brakes with 203mm Rotors, Front and Rear
  • Rear Shock: DNM Rear Shock, Rear Pivot Shock
  • Derailleur: Alivio or XT 8-Speed Cassette and Derailleur, Shimano
  • Grips: Velo Ergonomic Grips
  • Pedals: Velo
  • Saddle: Velo
  • Rear Locking Plate: Stainless Steel Patent-Pending Bolt Through Locking Plates
  • Handlebars: Zoom Extra Long 770mm
  • Head Set: Tapered 1 1/2 Bottom; 1 1/8 Top Sealed Bearings, Cane Creek, or Similar
  • Head Tube: Alloy 6061 Tapered
  • Stem: Race Face or Similar, 90 mm Length, Angled Up
  • Bottom Tube: Extra Large Hollow Tube with Patent-Pending Dual Batteries with Closed Compartment for Two Separate Plug And Play Electronics
  • Rear Rack: Patent-Pending Extra-Large Tubing for Strength, Extra Wide and Long 10 inch Width by 28 inch Long (Can carry most gear) Two-tiered for Solar Panel Installed Between Tiers
  • Front Rack: Extra Large Tubing Width 10 inch by 10 inch, Two-tiered for Solar Panel Installation, (Patent-Pending), Rear Panel Connected to Front, Merge Both Panels Together for Output Direct +0 Batteries
  • Front and Rear Fenders: Alloy, Hydro Dipped to Minimize Mud and Dirt Sticking to Frame
  • Saddle Bags: Extra Large for Folding Solar Panels, (Patent-Pending)
  • Rims: Ultra-Lite Alloy with Patented Cut-Outs
  • Tires: Kenda Juggarnut; 26” x 4.5” Width
  • Tubes: 26” x 4.5” Run Flat with Solid Foam Cores inside Tubes, (Patent-Pending) (Run-Flat on Next Shipment)
  • Spokes: DT Champion, Stainless Steel with Liquid Nipple Lock Fluid to Keep tight
  • Light: Front and Rear with High LTD Illumination
  • Color: All Parts Same Camouflage Color: Rims, Bike, Racks, Saddle Bags, Fenders, Battery Covers


  • Optional Fold-Out Solar Panel (Additional): This comes with its own storage bag (15″ x 16″ x 1″) and fits on any saddlebag measuring about the size of a laptop. The dimensions of the fold-out solar panel completely unfolded is 33″ x 43″. This output of the Fold-Out Solar Panel has been calculated both with measuring devices as well as testing in various real-life scenarios. The Fold Out Solar Panels produces between 1.5 Amps per hour to a max of 2.76 Amps per Hour.Testing in 60 Degree F temperatures on a sunny day in Hilton Head, SC fully charged the battery in about 5 hours. A test in colder temperatures on a cloudy day in Bend, OR took about 7 hours to fully charge the battery. We also found that the solar panel charged a cell phone at the same time in less than an hour. This makes this a great accessory to have on any Electric Bike with a Rear Rack and Saddle Bag or Backpack.
  • Front Motor: Bafang Brushless 1300 Watt Max Output with Patent-Pending Stainless Steel Lock Plates
  • Rear Motor: Bafang Brushless 1700 Watt Max Output with Patent-Pending Stainless Steel Lock Plates
  • Controllers: Front Bafang Plug and Play Connectors Inside Bottom Tube 26 Amp Output, Rear Bafang Plug and Play Connectors Inside Bottom Tube 32 Amp Output
  • Throttle: Bafang Thumb-Type Throttle Dual Systems
  • Display: Bafang, Digital Dual Systems
  • Electric Systems: Dual for the Usage of One or Both, (Patent-Pending)
  • Batteries: Dual Batteries, One Inside Bottom Tube 48V 10Ah; Top Battery on Top of Bottom Tube (Camouflage Color), 48V 14 Ah SONY or Panasonic Cells, (Patent-Pending). Only E-bike with 50 Amp BMS Output. Optional 24.5 Ah Rear Rack for Three-Tier Solar rack, (Patent-Pending)
  • Controller: To Power Lights and Disc Brake Cut-Off Switch, Dual system, (Patent-Pending)
  • Total Watts: Max Output of 3000 Watts; Made for Maximum Torque and Power
  • Heat Strips: Ensure Maximum Lithium-Ion Output on Low-Temperature Rides, Bottom Battery temperature stays at 36°F or Above, as Lithium-Ion Batteries Lose Power at Under 30°F. Set with the Thermostat to Maintain a Maximum Temperature of 36°F. Heat Strips Placed Battery Shell, (Patent-Pending)


  • Max Speed: 29 – 33 mph
  • Distance Calculated: 17.5 AH 48 Volt Bottom Tube Battery + 13 AH 48 Volt Top of Bottom Tube Battery + 24.5 AH Rear Rack Battery, Totals = 55 AH.
    Max distance mathematically calculated:
    55 x 48 Volts = 2640 Watts / Hours ÷ 25 Amps = Maximum Calculated 105 Miles per charge. Testing shows this bike will get a maximum distance 80 – 100 Miles.
  • Maximum Torque with Both Motors: 180 NM (Sustainable Constant Torque)
  • Weight: 85 lbs
  • Max Weight: 400 lbs +
  • 2 Bike Sizes: 17” – Small and 20” – Large


  • Folding Solar Panels: To Place in Saddle Bags. (Charges 48V or 52V or Dual Panels Will Charge 72V)
  • Ice and Snow Bicycle Tire Chains: Attachable Steel Tire Chains with Spikes for Snow and Ice, (Coming Soon)
  • Optional Pulling Patent-Pending Adaptor: to allow wheeled carts and caddies to attach to bike rear rack.

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Small – 17", Large – 20"

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