UltraTRX E2 Grizzly Bafang Dual Motors Total 1560W Each Front + Rear Wheel Motors


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Add a Rear Rack Battery for $800.

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This is the ultimate 2500 watt Electric Bicycle and the only one of its kind. As you know most E-Bikes are either rear wheel drive or center mount drive, rear system.  This puts all the torque on the rear and as anyone ever going into the soft terrain like sand, snow, mud or over obstacles like curbs, stairs or logs. Also, with rear torque system at top speed when you attempt to turn you could easily dig the wheel in and cause a situation no one wants to be in. With ours, you just power through those turns. So with the power of combining 2 motors into both wheels we have created an unmatched experience. With the motor on both wheels, you can go through and over almost, if not anything.

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    • Fork: UltraTrek Steel 1 1/8 Threadless Suspension Fork with 100mm travel.
    • Frame: Alloy Al6061, (Matte Black or Camouflage), with front emblem (Alloy) and bottom tube bike label.
    • Headset: (Black) 1 1/8 Threadless (Matte Black), Sealed Bearings, Alloy Shell.
    • Handlebars: (Matte Black Textured) Alloy 31.8mm Center Clamp, 780 mm Length, with 35mm Rise.
    • Grips: Ergonomic Grips standard
    • Stem: 1 1/8 Alloy with 31.8 mm Clamp, 90mm Length, (Matte Black or Camouflage).
    • Fenders: Rigid Metal Fenders on Front and Back.
    • Brakes/Levers: Avid BB7 Disc Brakes Front/Rear 180mm Rotors.
    • Rim: (Matte Black or Camouflage) Tubeless Ready with Patented Cutouts*, Ultra-Light Single Wall Alloy, Welded Seam, 36H. These ultra-light rims were instrumental in breaking two cycling world records. Click here to learn more. (Any other manufacturer with this rim design is in violation of our patent.)
    • Front Hubs:  Bafang Brushless Motor Hub, with Alloy Sealed Bearings 1250 Watt 48V.
      (Any other bike manufacturer with front hub motor is in violation of our patent.)
    • Rear Hub:  Bafang Brushless Motor Hub with Alloy Sealed Bearings 1250 Watt 48V and Shimano 8-Speed Cassette.
    • Tire: 26’ by 4.5”, High-Density Rubber for Puncture Resistance.
      Optional Kevlar Liner between Tire and Tube for almost “No-Flat” Scenario.
    • Tubes: 4” x 26” Schrader Valve.
    • Crank Set: (Matte Black) Alloy 38T Chain Ring, Alloy Crank with 175mm Arm,
      Dual Chain Guard – Non-Slip; (No way for chain to slide off.)
    • Chain: KMC Rust Buster.
    • BB Set: Steel Shell, SS Sealed Bearings, 122mm Shell Width.
    • Shifter: Shimano Rapid Fire 8-Speed.
    • Seatpost: (Matte Black) Alloy 27.2 mm, 350 mm Length.
    • Derailleur: Alivio 8-Speed Alloy
    • Front Wheel / Back Wheel Hub Motors: 1560 Watt + 1560 Watt Motors, 48 Volt, 14 Amp Hour Battery. 2500w Total. Total 50 Amp output for maximum motor output; (Compared to other dual motor manufacturers whose BMS output is 30 Amps which is not sufficient for 2 motors using 25 Amps each.) (Wattage is calculated by Volts x Amps = 48 Volts x 26 Amps =1248 Watts)
    • Throttle: Handlebar Mounted Thumb Throttles.
    • Dual Display Pads: Handlebar Mounted Digital Display with 3 Levels of Power: Low-Medium-High. Each motor has a separate controller creating 2 separate electronic systems. This allows riders the option to choose one motor (front or back) or both depending on what they wanted to achieve in any situation. Plus, if one motor malfunctions they still can use the second motor to get to their destination; (No other manufacturer offers this feature, Patent-Pending.)
    • Dual Control Units: Dual Frame Mounted 26 Amp Controllers for separate electronic systems. (Some manufacturers offer this, however, the maximum Amp output is 15 – 17 Amp per Controller which minimizes power and torque.)
    • Battery: Sealed Poly Casing, Lithium-Ion Technology with High-Density SONY® or Panasonic® Cells with 1,000 Cycles. Featuring a Patent-Pending BMS, (Battery Maintenance System), with 50 Amp output for maximum motor output; (Compared to other dual motor manufacturers whose BMS output is 30 Amps which is not sufficient for 2 motors using 25 Amps each.)
    • Battery Duration: 14 Amp Hours, 24.8 Miles per Charge. (Tested with 210 lb. man riding). Optional 24.5 Amp Hour rear mount battery; (coming soon.) This will add an additional 1176 Watt Hours and with each 750 Watt Motor will achieve an additional 25 Miles per Watt Hour or 45 – 58 Miles per Charge. Using both Batteries 60 to 70 Miles per Charge is possible.
    • Charger: Long-Lasting 3 Amp Charger, Charge Time 4 Hours. (Use of a Quick Charge Charger is Proven to Shorten Battery Life.)
    • Optional Fold-out Solar Panel: This comes with its own storage bag (15″ x 16″ x 1″) and fits on any saddlebag measuring about the size of a laptop. The dimensions of the fold-out solar panel completely unfolded is 33″ x 43″. This output of the Fold-Out Solar Panel has been calculated both with measuring devices as well as testing in various real-life scenarios. The Fold Out Solar Panels produces between 1.5 Amps per hour to a max of 2.76 Amps per Hour.Testing in 60 Degree F temperatures on a sunny day in Hilton Head, SC fully charged the battery in about 5 hours. A test in colder temperatures on a cloudy day in Bend, OR took about 7 hours to fully charge the battery. We also found that the solar panel charged a cell phone at the same time in less than an hour. This makes this a great accessory to have on any Electric Bike with a Rear Rack and Saddle Bag or Backpack.
    • Small 17″ – Fits 5’6″ and under
    • Medium 19″ – Fits 5’4″ to 6’4″
    • Large – 21″ – Fits 6’2″ and taller
    • Maximum Weight Capacity: 395 lbs
    • Weight and Packing: 85% complete.
    • Weight: 61 lbs.
    • Speed: Non-Pedaling Assist Maximum Speed 23-26 MPH.* Maximum Speed 26 MPH, Tested and proven with 210 lb man.
    • Maximum Torque: 180NM; This bike gets max torque immediately so both wheels spin if you hit full throttle.
    • Distance: Non-Pedaling Distance Approximately 23 Miles at Steady Full Speed* (With our Patent-Pending Rear Rack Solar Panel will achieve 15 – 20% more distance. Add Optional Rear Mounted Battery Distance will be 60 -70 miles.)

* Please Note:
These are averages as terrain, incline, and weight of rider are factors that can obviously impact these figures. Other manufacturers test their speed and distance on a bike stand with no friction, no weight which greatly impact results. Our figures are tested with a 200 lb. person on the bike in real-time in real terrain.

Warranty: One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on Electronics; Two Years on Frame and Fork.


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Small – 17", Medium – 19", Large – 21"


White Camo, Matte Black

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Rear Rack Battery, No Rear Rack Battery

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