UltraTRX Electric Bikes GyroHitch Adapter Attachment for Carts


Moves in all directions to allow you to haul a cart (or any wheeled object) with no impact on the bike’s movement.


  • Patent-Pending adaptor to allow any wheeled cart to be attached to any bike with either the seat post attachment or direct to a rear rack.
  • Rough terrain will not affect the E-Bike’s movement as it moves side to side, up and down or rotates clockwise and counterclockwise.
  • This allows the cart or any wheeled device you attach to move in any direction and allows the cart to be pulled over any terrain even angled, over stumps, logs, rocks or any obstacles rotating the cart to even a 45-degree direction with no effect on the bike whatsoever!
  • All other carts or wheeled devices are hooked directly to the bike or bike’s axle, so it can’t rotate, and it can pull the bike in the direction causing it to pull a rider over.
  • Attaches to rear rack or seat post. (Includes seat post adaptor).
  • Our patented design is the only truly safe cart attachment and pulling weight has no effect on our bikes with their 200 NM of torque.

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