1. UltraTRX Fat Tire E-Bikes

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  2. Max Man

    Great Bike for Hunting!

  3. Jimbo Hunter

    “I have a 1250 Watt E-Cherokee I received from you in August 2017 that I bought primarily for deer hunting in Southern California. I want to tell you how much I love this bike! I’m getting up there in years so having a way to easily move my gear is a huge advantage. Nearly every year I turn my ankle or get a leg full of cactus thorns, but this year I was able to cruise through the rough terrain with no problems. I hunt deer with a crossbow and put ATV handlebar clamp mounts to carry my bow. I was able to harvest a deer in October and used the bike to help me get it up the hill.

    So, I just wanted to pass along how thrilled I am with your product and design. I appreciate the new mobility and consider this bike one of my favorite things.”

  4. Jason Nelson

    Love the bike. I use it to provide a free delivery service in my local community. It’s fun for me and very beneficial to the people I provide services to, who are generally on a fixed income, and not able to do things on their own. I have a couple of friends who are going to help me out with deliveries once we get more bikes. You can check out what I’m doing with the 1250 E-Cherokee on my website http://www.GetItGuy.com Thanks for everything!

  5. Potter821

    Been looking at these bikes a while and think they would be the perfect addition to aiding in my hunting

  6. Ken Mcmullin

    Checked them out at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburgh and I was impressed with the quality and portability!!

  7. Lonnie Hawke

    These bikes are the cream of the crop,if I can get the cheetah for under 5 grand canadian I’ll be pulling the trigger on it.If the wife kills me my son will gladly ride it

  8. amin4437

    Sweet bike(7200w fat tire), price is great, bike arrived well packed and exactly what was ordered. Highly recommend his shop!! Will definitely buy from again.

  9. Tommy64

    I recently bought the 7200 W 8400 peek E cheetah. This is my second electric bike. By far the best bike I have ever owned. I have been happy with everything about it. The shock systems is phenomenal, The ride is so smooth.the speed of the bike is just awesome and its ability to climb is outstanding. I would highly suggest looking into this bike. I looked over hundreds before I found this one And this bike flat out gets it on for a great price!!!!!

  10. Levi Lantz

    I bought a Grizzly few years ago and just bought another one. It’s the best and most rugged bike on the market and is a great hunting bike. I also own A Quiet cat and there it is no comparison to the Ultra TreK bikes.

  11. Jeff Hollabaugh

    Looks like a good bike!

  12. Laura Blanchetti

    Very innovative.

  13. Paul Riva

    I am impressed with the dual motors and battery options!

  14. Frank Honeycutt

    Well designed and very practical application of technology!!

  15. Paul Taranto

    Nice salesman.

  16. Phil Ramirez

    Get around faster for hunting

  17. Dave Waybright

    Great technology. Multiple batteries are awesome. Well built.

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