ThermoTRX Lithium-Ion Battery Protection System

ThermoTRX Heat Strip Battery Protection System

Our patent-pending heat strip battery protection system has its own lithium-Ion battery source with two small button batteries. These are rechargeable and tied to the large E-Bike batteries by an USB port output to allow for constant charging. As the 48V lithium-Ion batteries stop pushing your Electric Vehicle when their output goes under 54.6V, the E-Bike batteries provide a constant charge of 5V output. Therefore, once your E-Bike battery charge is used up, it will continue to charge the small battery cell. It is important to make sure you always try and keep your E-Bike battery charged and never drain it completely to preserve the life of the battery.

These small batteries have their own PCB board for charging and their own PCB board attached to small heat strips, which are laced through the E-Bike lithium-ion cells, and this PCB board is also equipped with a thermostat. This thermostat is set at 32 degrees Fahrenheit which means it cuts power through the PCB board to the heat strips once the battery shell reaches 32 degrees F.

The heat strips are never turned on if the external temperature is above 32 degrees F. But if the temperature falls below 32 degrees F, the heat strips turn on until your E-Bike battery shell reaches 32 degrees. We do this because a lithium-ion battery power output, which no manufacturer will tell you on their specifications, power output will be cut in half at 20 degrees F, so you will only get half the distance out of your E-Bike batteries. You will also damage your battery by charging in temperatures below 20 degrees F.

If your battery temperature reaches -5 degrees F, the lithium-ion cells may completely stop chemically reacting, and you will have no power output and could permanently destroy your battery. Replacement batteries can run $400- $800.

With our system, we not only prolong your distance per charge but also protect the life of your battery.

ThermoTRX Batttery Protection System
ThermoTRX Batttery Protection System

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