UltraTRX 4 Wheel Hauling Cart (Folds for Compact Storage)

  • This cart not only has four wheels which are specially designed to go up and down and over any terrain. It also has puncture proof, (foam filled), extra-wide tires at 6” wide and 16” diameter.
  • This cart can not only be used for backcountry hunting or fishing but with its extra-wide tires, it can also be used to haul beach gear, and sports equipment, and since it folds up, it will fit in almost any vehicle.
  • TRX has a patented brake system which will be retro-fitted to the UltraTRX 4- wheel cart. We also have an optional attachment that will you to carry all beach or fishing gear including rods, umbrellas, surfboard or stand-up paddle boards. This is especially a great cart for all our Alaskan net fishermen and its residents!
UltraTRX 4 Wheel Hauling Cart

GenerTRX Cart Wheel Power Generation System

  • New campaign buyers can reserve our new round rotation / coil generator system which can be attached to all 4-wheels of the cart, pushing a charging power from each of the 8 coils / magnets straight into charging your 48V (54.6V and 2 to 5AMP) or 52V (58.8V and 2 to 5 AMP) charging output.
  • We mathematically calculate about 30% increase in the distance per charge when using either these generators or the 2-disc coil generators. See Our Mathematical Calculations.
  • Reserve with a $100 refundable deposit.
  • Once GenerTRX Cart Wheel Power Generation System is in mass production (which will be directly after the campaign ends,) we will notify you of the balance due or refund your $100 deposit.

Our Mathematical Calculations:

  • Rotors are optional on all 4 wheels for generating as wheels are only 16 inches in diameter and 6 inches wide.
  • A wheel travels Pi, (π), x 16 inch , or 3.14 x 16 inch = 50.24 inch per rotation.  A Fat Tire Wheel travels 3.14 X 29 inches = 91.06. Almost twice the distance. So the GenerTRX will get almost twice the energy as the bike travels. Since it has 4 wheels, not just two,  it will get almost 4 times the energy input into your battery charge.
  • 1 Mile = 63360 inches per mile.  At just 10 mph you will travel = 633600 inches per hour or 10,560 inches per minute. This is for Cart Wheels at just 10 mph, Cart Wheel rotates 210.2 times per minute, and the Fat Tire Wheel Rotates 116 times per minute. We will have GenerTRX output per rotation to give you real math power input per minute at just 10 mph or both Cart and Fat Tire Bikes.

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