GenerTRX Coil Rotor Power Generation System

This patent-pending power generation system takes any E-Bike or EV (Electric Vehicle) with wheels that use a disc rotor system or even a round rotor-like device. The system adds in the unwebbed stainless steel support beam section of the rotor high-density plastic with high magnetic magnets in both directions. This setup allows highly magnetic magnets to constantly rotate as your EV moves, either fast or slow.

Then using a U-shaped design with copper wires rolled into coils that are inserted on both sides of the U. This U-shaped aluminum structure has a fork mounting system for both the front and rear wheel or just frame-mounted to allow rotor or round rotor-like devices to pass through it constantly.

This then creates a generator that produces a constant current. The current is then stored into multi-capacitors that release a charge (DC) into a PCB circuit board which converts it into DC charge output to match the charge input of your lithium-ion battery.

For example, a 48V lithium-Ion battery uses 54.6V input to charge and between 2Amp to 5Amp current. So for a 48V lithium-ion battery, this PCB will output 54.6V and between 2 – 5 Amps charge allowing your rotor system to charge your lithium-Ion battery as your EV is constantly moving.

Our mathematical calculation shows our system will add approximately 30% – 50% additional distance to your battery as it is using the 2 Disc rotors while your EV is moving from both wheels on an E-bike. Since the UltraTRX E-Bikes have multi-batteries, we incorporate a three-battery switch system to allow you to pick which battery you wish to charge as you cycle. See our mathematical calculations below.

Brake Caliper Power Generation System 1

Rotor with Magnets in Red

Brake Caliper Power Generation System 2

U Shaped with 2 Copper Coils on Both
Sides of Rotor in Dark Red

Our Mathematical Calculations:

This is a 203mm Rotor diameter with 2mm thickness. At 10 mph on a Fat Tire Bike, this rotates at 116 times per min. The Diameter of a tire is 29 inches X Pi (π) or 3.14 = 91.09 Inches. There are 63,360 Inches per mile. These specs give you rotations per min at 10 mph.

A bike using this math as documented, show a bike at 10 mph, and uses 25 Watt-Hours per Mile or 250 Watt-Hours per hour. AH = 250 Watt-Hours Divided by 48V = 5.2 AH are used up per hour. We can get approximately 2 AH per hour recharge with two disc rotors, This is a 38% increase in AH per hour at 10 mph.

If we add a cart with 4 Rotors you also use more power as it is pulling the cart and weight inside the cart. We estimate that at 10MPH you will use about 10AH per Hour . Between the cart generating and the bike you will get about 4 to 5 AH per Hour regenerating power into batteries. This is close to a 50% increase in distance.

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