GenerTRX Coil Rotor Power Generation System

GenerTRX Coil Rotor
Power Generation System

UltraTRX Electric Bikes’ New Innovation
Allows You to Charge Your Battery While You Ride!

Get 35 – 50% more Distance with GENERTRX Coil / Disc Rotor Power Generation System

UltraTRX continues revolutionizing the Electric Bike Industry by introducing their new Patent-Pending GenerTRX Coil / Disc Rotor Power Generation System. (US Patent-Pending #63/473,723.)

Are You Ready to Go the Distance .. How about 35 – 50% More Distance?

UltraTRX Electric Bikes already get more distance per charge than most electric bikes on the market today. But now, with the GenerTRX Power Generation system exclusive to UltraTRX Bikes, you can generate power back into your battery while you ride the bike.


As the front and back 203 mm rotors rotate around multiple high-power magnets it passes by numerous copper coil wraps creating power, similar to an alternator on an automobile. This power is then directed into a PCB (Printed Circuit Board), which converts the AC power to DC charging power. The result is a generator that produces a constant current. The current is then stored in multi-capacitors that release the lithium-ion battery charging ports. This concept can be used on multiple circuit boards to charge 48V, 52V, 60V, and 72V lithium-ion batteries.

For example, a 48V lithium-Ion battery uses 54.8 V input to charge between 2 Amp to 5 Amp current. So, for a 52V lithium-ion battery, this PCB will output 58.6V and between 2 – 5 Amps charge, allowing your rotor system to charge your lithium-Ion battery as your bike is constantly moving.
So even if you use up your battery power entirely, (or batteries on our multi-battery system), you can pedal the bike, and it will recharge the battery so that you can power the batteries back up again.

Our mathematical calculation shows our system will add approximately 35% – 50% additional distance to your battery as it is using the 2 Disc rotors while your bike is moving from both wheels on an E-bike. Since the UltraTRX E-Bikes have multi-batteries, we incorporate a three-battery switch system to allow you to pick which battery you wish to charge as you cycle. See our mathematical calculations below.

We are also adding this concept to our new 4-wheel fat tire cart for pulling game or equipment in remote areas. The cart’s four wheels will also generate power back into your battery.

This application is exclusive to UltraTRX Electric Bikes. As leading innovators of Electric Bikes since 2013, we always strive to create E-Bikes with more power, torque, speed, and distance, all for less than our competitors.

GenerTRX Prototype Ready for
Mass Production in February 2023

GenerTRX Coil Rotor Power Generation System Prototype

GenerTRX Power Generation System
Rotor with Magnets in Red

Brake Caliper Power Generation System 1

U Shaped with 2 Copper Coils on Both
Sides of Rotor in Dark Red

Brake Caliper Power Generation System 2

UltraTRX Innovations Making Global Headlines

“GenerTRX Coil / Disc Rotor Power Generation System to Charge
Your Battery While You Cycle Could Revolutionize the E-Bike Industry”
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Our Mathematical Calculations:

This is a 203mm Rotor diameter with 2mm thickness. At 10 mph on a Fat Tire Bike, this rotates at 116 times per min. The Diameter of a tire is 29 inches X Pi (π) or 3.14 = 91.09 Inches. There are 63,360 Inches per mile. These specs give you rotations per min at 10 mph.

A bike using this math as documented, show a bike at 10 mph, and uses 25 Watt-Hours per Mile or 250 Watt-Hours per hour. AH = 250 Watt-Hours Divided by 48V = 5.2 AH are used up per hour. We can get approximately 2 AH per hour recharge with two disc rotors, This is a 38% increase in AH per hour at 10 mph.

If we add a cart with 4 Rotors you also use more power as it is pulling the cart and weight inside the cart. We estimate that at 10MPH you will use about 10AH per Hour . Between the cart generating and the bike you will get about 4 to 5 AH per Hour regenerating power into batteries. This is close to a 50% increase in distance.

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