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E2-Terminator E-Bikes

3120w (peak) 200 NM, 2964 WH Dual Motor
38-40mph 97-118 miles per charge.

The Ultimate E-Bike for the Off-Grid Sportsman. Optional 3 Battery System with Solid-State Switching Panel.

MotoTRX Folding E-Bikes

3120w (peak), 180NM, 2054 WH Dual Motor
35-40mph, 65-75 miles per charge.
Dual Battery system gives you the confidence to go longer distances in deep woods or backcountry.

Knight Rider E-Bikes

3200w (peak), 190NM, 1520WH, Dual Motor
35-38mph, 60 miles per charge.

BlackHawk E-Bikes

1600w (peak) 100 NM, 2016 WH Single Motor
30-35mph, 60-70 miles per charge.

EZ-Step Mid Drive E-Bikes

1750w (peak) 180 NM 1512 WH Mid-Drive
30-35mph, 60 miles per charge, Easy Mounting.

(High-Density Chain to Prevent Chain from Snapping.)

EZ-Shredder Mid Drive E-Bikes

1750w (peak), 180 NM, 1512 WH Mid Drive
30-35mph, 60 miles per charge.

(High-Density Chain to Prevent Chain from Snapping.)

UltraTRX High Performance E-MTB and E-Cycles

Choose from 5,000w or King 15,000w, 72V
60-82 mph, 60-100 miles per charge.
Fastest E-Bikes on the Market Today!

6000w (peak) 320NM, 3240WH E-Cycle
50-56MPH, 80 miles per charge.
All the thrill of a Motorcycle with out the noise!

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