UltraTRX Replaces all Hardware with Marine Grade Stainless Steel

All manufactured parts for bicycles and e-bikes use 15-5 Stainless Steel on bolts, nuts and screws, which rust. UltraTRX Electric Bikes is the only manufacturer that takes the time to pull and replace every bolt, screw, or nut possible with 18-8 Marine Grade Stainless Steel which will never ever rust. That is why our Electric Bikes will last forever.

Below are two examples of hardware used on Electric Bikes. These are E-Bikes used on the beach which is the worst place for corrosion.  The image on the left shows the two bottom bolt are regular 15-5 stainless steel bolts every manufacturer uses, which are corroded. The top two bolts are Marine Grade Stainless Steel.

The image on the right shows two bolts together: The bolt on top is 15-5 Stainless Steel and the bottom bolt is Marine Grade Stainless Steel.


UltraTRX Marine Grade Hardware on Electric Bicycles

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