(Not So Quiet of a Kat.)

Let’s compare the noise of a QuietKat Mid-Drive E-Bike to an UltraTRX Dual Motor Electric Bike. When riding an UltraTRX Electric Bike you can hear the birds chirping and you won’t startle any animals in the woods.

UltraTRX Electric Bikes.
It’s All You Need for BackCountry Cycling.

With all that is happening in the world, more and more people are escaping deep into nature for hunting, fishing, camping and off-the-grid adventure.

Let UltraTRX Electric Bikes provide you with the best fat tire electric bikes for all-terrain and backcountry cycling. Our dual motor, multi-battery bikes have more power, more torque, get more mph and more distance per charge all for less than our competitors.

And our super quiet motors allow hunters to sneak up on their prey, or any rider to just enjoy the sounds of nature.

The Mid Drive bikes (Rambo, QuietKat, Bakcou and more) are loud!

Plus, a Mid Drive system uses the derailleur to change the gears so the possibility of mishaps like this is very real.

The chains on a mid-drive bike have huge torque with a 750 – 1500 watts motor, the chain will only take 2000 lb of torque before it snaps and you’re walking your bike back. If the derailleur malfunctions and over shifts up or down locking the drive system, it may throw the rider with our dual hub motors this won’t happen.

Mid-drive bikes are a rear-wheel system that pushes you in one direction: Straight ahead. If you hit softer train, like sand, snow, ice, and mud, or rough terrains like rocks, logs, ruts, or pot-holes your front wheel wants to turn, slip or slide. This has caused many accidents in the past and again could toss the rider off the bike causing injuries. With UltraTRX all-wheel drive bike the front wheel is always pulling up, over, and through these obstacles and terrain. When you turn the wheel, it’s pulling you in whatever direction you’re aiming for and creating a no-risk or dangerous scenario.

The possibility of this happening to a Mid-Drive Electric Bike is very real! Do you really want to take this bike deep into the woods?

If off-road debris gets into the chain or derailleur, it can stop the bike suddenly which may also throw the rider. This simply won’t happen with the UltraTRX Electric Bikes.

With the new e-bike batteries allowing you to travel farther in the backcountry, you could be deep in the woods and have any number of these dangerous scenarios happen with no one available to help. What if you injured yourself when you fell?

Imagine being deep in the woods with a useless bike that you have to walk back? With an UltraTRX Electric Bike, you have 2 standalone motor systems and can choose to use the front-wheel drive in softer terrain, the rear-wheel drive, or both motors if you need the extra power. Plus you can use the bike as a traditional 8-speed mountain bike.

If you are looking to turn off the news and connect with the great outdoors, give us a call. We have the safest, most versatile, and most powerful all-terrain fat tire bikes no matter your use.

At UltraTRX we take SAFETY Seriously!

If you are riding a Mid-Drive E-Bike in the BackCountry, you better have a back-up plan, as these mishaps occur all too often. Better have a friend on call that has an UltraTRX Electric Bike to come haul your broken mid-drive bike out of the deep woods.

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